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Passport & Visa

Applying for or renewing your Passport

Should I get a passport book or card?
Both the passport book and passport card serve as proof of your U.S. citizenship and identity, but you need a passport to travel internationally (outside of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda).

$145 - first-time applicants 16 and older
$115 - applicants under 16
$110 - renewals by mail

Please see Passport Fees for more information.

Shipping Options
If you're applying for a book, you can select 1-2 day delivery which costs an additional $17.13.

For more information:
Visit the U.S. State Department's website on passports.

Applying for your Visa

What is a Visa?
A visa is an official authorization allowing you to enter a country and travel, work, live, or study there for a specific period of time. Generally, a visa is an elaborate stamp that is sealed onto one of the pages of your passport.

Visas are issued to American citizens by a foreign country's Embassy or Consulate located in the United States. Every country has its own regulations governing the issuance of visas.

General tips for applying for a visa

Foreign embassies and consulates in the US receive hundreds of inquires every day so contacting them can be a trying experience. Be patient. Most visa application processes begin online from that country's specific consulate or embassy located in the US.

Some consulates only receive visitors or calls during certain hours of the day or on certain days of the week. Visit their  [A picture of passport and photos] website to learn their hours and start the application process early (if possible).

If you are trying to contact the embassy or consulate by phone, you may find that you are placed on hold or that your call is never forwarded to the appropriate person. Don't be discouraged. Remain persistent, but polite. Remember that US consulates in foreign countries operate in a similar fashion.