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Partner Network

Description and Eligibility

Partner Universities have agreements specifically with UM to send and receive students.

There are over 50 UM partner universities for students to study at in a full-immersion setting. The 2 different program types are Partner Exchange, where students pay tuition to UM and room & board usually to the host institution, and Partner Direct, where students pay tuition, room, & board all to the host institution. Most UM scholarships and student loans (except work study) can apply. To study abroad you must have at least a Sophomore standing of 30 UM credits (you can apply as a Freshman as long as you are a Sophomore once you are abroad), and have a minimum GPA of 2.8 (3.0 for select universities).

Language Considerations

Students wishing to study in a language other than English have options ranging from no prior language skills to advanced language proficiency, varying by the institution’s program. Many sites offer intermediate language sessions either prior to or during the term for an additional fee.

Credit Transfer and Full-Time Course Load

Credits for all courses passed on a Partner University program are guaranteed to transfer back to UM. Find out more details on the credit transfer page. Find out what a full-time course load would be at your Partner University.

Program Length and Deadlines

Programs can be as long as an academic year or semester, or as short as a wintersession or summer term. Please visit our deadlines page to find out when you need to submit your application.

Program Types and Costs: Partner Exchange vs. Partner Direct

Partner University Exchange: Students pay their regular UM tuition while paying for their room & board to the institution abroad in most cases. Most UM student loans and scholarships, except work study and the Cal Murphy Scholarship can be applied to this program type. 

Partner University Direct: Students pay the tuition, room, & board costs of the host institution to them directly, rather than UM. Most student loans and some scholarships can be applied to this program type. Work study, tuition waivers, LAS Awards, Cal Murphy Scholarships, and WUE waivers cannot be applied to this program type. Consult the Financial Aid Office, Enrollment Services, and/or the awarding department of the scholarship for more details.