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Health & Safety

Travel Registry

All UM students, faculty and staff are required to register their travels -- even short, side trips -- to help us know where they're located. So, if an emergency occurs, our office will get in touch with all students who might be affected to aid in anything necessary to reach or maintain their overall health and safety.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

It is highly encouraged that all students enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before departing from the United States.

Learn more about the STEP program here.

Student Insurance

All students traveling abroad for any university-related activities are required to purchase international insurance coverage from GeoBlue Worldwide Health Insurance for Higher Education, except if their program requires them to enroll in a specific insurance policy comparable to GeoBlue's policy (such as ISEP insurance). This policy includes coverage for medical expenses as well as coverage for political & security, and natural disaster evacuation.

To enroll in GeoBlue insurance contact to schedule an appointment.

Please view the complete MUS_Certificate_2020.pdf. The cost is $12.95/week.

Students participating in any other UM-sponsored activities abroad (research, internships, practicum,  non-UM sponsored study abroad programs, student teaching, community or university service, conferences, or travel by registered student organizations, club sports, or varsity athletic teams)  are required to enroll in the GeoBlue policy, as well. Note that UM-sponsored activities can include both credit and noncredit-bearing activities and any activity receiving UM financial support. To enroll, please complete your travel registration and contact Academic Enrichment Education Abroad at or 243-2278 to submit payment and verify coverage dates.